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A Picnic with Darwin.


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Mind your Head

Flash project: write 200 word story on the theme of “Mind your Head.”

keep out

In the backwater, plastic walls of laboratory 39 we tried everything to increase the activity in their brains. Aldus, with his brow permanently furrowed peered at the results of countless trials. Magda shuffled up and down, drinking while she poured over data from each permutation of the experiment. Indigo only now admitted that his initial excitement was beginning to wane. He had been convinced these were the creatures identified by the ancients. They were nothing to look upon, but a perfect match for the drawings on the steel temple.

Each attempt started with such promise and yet always produced another dead end. The subjects would show improvements; responding to visual stimulus and spoken instruction. They would develop complex communication amongst themselves. The first time I saw one teaching another to make a cutting tool, I nearly cried. Always they would start to form groups. Always they would destroy each other. Soon we would lose our window of opportunity. We had come so far to find them; across the vast emptiness between our worlds. The steel temple they sent had shown the way and we had followed, only to find their deserts of destruction; the last fruits of their mindless savagery.


First published in 2011, tonight’s reblogged story is a chilling tale of dreamscape detective work.


It was a Tuesday morning in early June when I was called to investigate a curious incident by the sea. A hotel had been thrown into disarray at five in the morning by what could only be described as a herd of stampeding Rhinos. Luckily most of the patrons had been asleep at the time on the first floor and above. Only the night porter had been injured and taken to the local hospital with a broken arm and bruising down his left side. Aside from shock and nerves, most of the guests and staff were in good health but the proprietor could not be found.

This incident in itself would seem curious enough to most if it wasn’t for the fact that exactly seven minutes after the beasts had filled the ground floor spaces of the hotel causing countless damages, they had disappeared without any trace of exit or…

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From the Archives… Written in 2011.


Picture your home. The objects around you. When you first arrive at the place you live they are placed around you in locations that feel comfortable. As time passes you start to notice they are more comfortable elsewhere. Objects are moved around without us really being conscious of their movement. They move to where they are more convenient or useful. They move to where we find them more pleasing.

Our relations with the objects in our houses are close. Our desires give them a life, purpose, a quest for harmony. Less useful and unpleasant objects are placed in less prominent places, sometimes banished to drawers and cupboards or at worst disposed of and discarded. We judge ourselves on our ability to manage and control our objects and our objects compete against each other for dominance within the environment. There is a certain symbiosis.

This was all explained to me by Alice Milner over coffee…

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Ode to Fustat.

ode to fustat

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The Signal of the Second Spring PDF

spinning man
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Soft is the whisper of the cooling universe…


Does not the Universe Last Forever?

universe forever
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Does not the Sun Endure?

sun endures

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How Eternal is the Air?

Air thins

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