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Window Haiku

Its been a long week here in the Chesham Vale. Temperatures rose and fell again leaving the end of the week cold and wet. For some time now I’ve been posting on a local Facebook group to try and raise people’s awareness of each. Spreading notions of happiness and positivity. This morning when I woke, I found myself mulling over a notion in my head, which eventually turned into a Haiku. I hope you like it and I hope it might help you to understand how bringing all the small things in life together will make your lives bigger.

Window Haiku


15 new illustrations for stories.

The Hat Maker's Daughter

The Sand Swimmer

The Tree with Vermillion Leaves

The Signal of the Second Spring

The Wise Mouse and the Sad King

The Zuckerman Cascade

The Twisted Track

The Rhino House

La Zone Grise

A Picnic with Darwin.

The Black Flag

The Quiet Lives of Still Things

The Lady in the Storm

The Stars in Twin Lakes

The Cabinet of Rodin

A Picnic with Darwin.


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Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom.

Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom

The Sand Swimmer

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The Pale Horizon Beyond the Darkness

pale horizon

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I Dreamed One Day a Library I would Build.

After days of tweaking and changing images, researching different book spines and thinking about which ones would represent the content of the stories, I have finally produced 16 book spines. I hope you like them. I’m going to spend a while trying to create an interactive bookshelf so you can select a story, find the description and read it.


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