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The Signal of the Second Spring.


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Waiting for the other end of the line…

Today there has been lots of writing. Poems and Stories have evolved and grown. None of them can be shown here…


Now I am learning patience, waiting for feedback before the final works are published. It is a hard learned lesson especially as I usually publish instantly, only to realise later there are terrible grammatical errors in the lines. To help me to escape the frustrations of waiting here is part of an early draft.

“Even the last of the great kings came to realise before the end that his greatest worth was how rich his body would make the soil beneath him. As the Springs turned to Summer, too often turning to Autumn and onto Winter before their time, they watched and they understood. The trees would take them back beneath their roots and those around would eat their fruits.”


Sketches for The Signal of the Second Spring.

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spinning man

Thanks for the feedback on the site all. It’s really useful. Seeing as there are now so many of them, I’ve decided to add a new side bar menu to enable you to instantly access the short stories. Below are live links and summaries of the stories to help you choose one of interest. I hope this makes the pages easier to navigate and allows you to quickly find something interesting. Let one thousand flowers bloom. Let the stars fall upon the beaches. Soft is the whisper. Soft are the words…

The final words of Deck hand Isaacs.

What would it be like if reality broke down around you?

A desperate journey in a harsh landscape.

Transformation of a young man into… well something else.

A final journey to salvage love unfulfilled.

Chilling effort to rescue a loved one.

If you watch for long enough, you to will see the world differently.

Description of a place not far from here.

Here be monsters…

Victorian detective story with a twist.

Historical struggle of two brothers.

Dark children’s story.

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A Picnic with Darwin.


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The Stars in Twin Lakes.

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Lady in the Storm

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Word Play

I’ve always sat and wondered what advice I would most want my children to take from this shambles of a journey I’ve taken. I wondered about the things I value. I considered the important things they will need to know in life. When I had eliminated all the obviously useless notions of saving money, honesty and forgiveness, (all things they will eventually come to themselves,) I pondered on the only thing I have ever been good at. Words.

So here it is kids. Here is the thing you will possibly come to know me for. It is simple on the surface but read it again and again until you find there is more meaning buried inside you reaching to connect with it. I love you and wish you well.

Dear Children always of mine,

Remember, when you use words in speech and writing, regardless of the language, those words once belonged to someone else. They were your ancestors, your friends, your role models, the ones who taught you to express yourself. Whenever you use words, remember they will lead to actions. Don’t borrow other people’s words on a whim because you are angry or sad. Choose them carefully and wisely. Play with them in the safety of your personal confines but remember, they are your words, care for them and nurture them. Only release them when you are sure they are grown enough to survive on their own. If you look after your words, they will look after you.

These are my words. My words are my strength.