Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Under a Magellanic Cloud


I started writing this book in part at University during the spring of 1994. I had been attending a salon group with one of the senior tutors and several other students. We had been discussing archaeology. The discussion came to consider comments by a theorist regarding the extrapolation of an entire ancient civilisation from a piece of pottery. The idea of unravelling a story from the absence of an object came to me. Perhaps a story could be told that skirted around the object, never quiet hitting the mark. I was working on several themes around death and narrative. Most mysteries I had ever read began with a death of some sorts. Sometimes self inflicted, sometimes forced. The heart of all these mysteries began with the knowledge of a death, followed by a case for demonstrating events leading up to the death and then the death itself revealed. What more fitting, convoluted, twisting and final than a story about death.

I wrote a short piece about a disappearance where the body was missing, and their was no conclusive proof of anything. Evidence suggested the existence of more evidence that was not quiet found but suggested the existence of other evidence. It was only after the Salon that I started rolling the idea of the piece of pottery around in my mind and came to spend several wilderness years considering how to bring all of this together. The resulting diary of a young research graduate from England came into being. This itself became wrapped up in more stories and the layers of the book finally started to show themselves.

If you read on, I can promise you seven things only:
1. You will meet a woman who is running but not being chased.
2. You will meet a boy who dreams of elephants.
3. You will meet a friend who is unfriendly.
4. You will meet a lover who is hiding.
5. Some words carry more weight than gold.
6. Answers only bring more questions.
7. Sometimes death is just the beginning.

I dedicate this story to the memory of the first moment I made a choice that significantly affected my own life.

Click below to view the chapters of the book.

Introduction: The Blue and Yellow Door.

Part 1: A Letter from Alan

Part 2: A Letter from Apple

Part 3: A letter from Isabel

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