Stories that fly under a dark banner.

The One Hundred and Twenty Six Matadors.

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The idea of the 126 Matadors first appeared in a dream at I had at the age of 19. I had a vision, fleeting of many Matadors dressed in amazing outfits all polishing their boots. As the years have passed the idea has grown into something more tangible.

With the discovery of the Scrolls of Fath, (August 2002 in the Cave of the Cat near Benaojan,) I decided to document what some scolars are now referring to as the greatest secret never told. What follows are the translations of Fath, a young Moor living in Malaga who spent 18 months in Benaojan during the building of the great Plaza and the fight to end all fights.

For the purposes of storytelling I have divided them into short chapters. Most of the information in Fath’s Scrolls, written in arabic simply lists the name and home of the Matadors with tiny notes in the margin giving clues and details to their descriptions. With time, I have managed to research and identify the individuals to give a fuller account of what happened.

Many say that the ruins at Benaojan represent a great fortress spread across the mouth of the valley. Those that have studied the Scrolls know that in that small village, the the greatest battle ever fought occured touching even the hearts of the King and his subjects.

Miguel Velazquez and El Toro Del Plata

El Plaza del Guadiaro

The Journal of Francisco Elcano


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