Stories that fly under a dark banner.

The Return of the Bats

Last night was calm but damp. The temperature dropped to the lowest it’s been since before the summer and autumn is most surely creeping in. I stood outside the back doors in bare feet as twilight settled and the grass was cold and wet. Sure enough, there were the bats.

With the cooling air we had many evening visitors to the house. Crane flies and Knats, spiders and moths all were attracted to the house lights. We shuffled them back outside and went down to the apple tree early in the hope that everything was ok with our neighbours the bats.

There was no sign of the younger ones tonight, but mother and father were definitely out circling the tree like a manic fairground ride. The air was calm and still and the moon crystal clear. The children were really happy to see them again but I can’t help wondering what has happened to the smaller ones. Have the now grown out of the family? Are they unwell? We still have no idea where they come from.

I am reluctant to look to hard in case we disturb them. We have a theory that they may be in the old landlords shed at the bottom of the garden but my knowledge of bats is limited.

For now, we are happy they have returned. It is a pleasure to watch them dance for us and we hope they will stay with us for the autumn at least.

Full Moon and Venus over Mackrell Sky

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