Stories that fly under a dark banner.

The Bats are Back.

We had a week of warm dry weather last week leading to early blooms and a proliferation of early insects. We had all waited eagerly for the sunset on Friday night, thinking that it was time we saw the bat family making it new rounds of the spring.

Sadly there was no luck. We walked up to the apple tree, past the compost heap where we evicted the rat last week, (peaceably. He decided to go of his own accord in the end.) The evening air was still cool and mountain lake clear after the harsh winter but there was no sign of the bats.

The usual thoughts of, “are they still with us?” crossed the conversations over the weekend and, although we observed every night, we had no luck finding them.

I had given up by Tuesday night. After taking flu this weekend, I spent the evening inside; taking a long mineral bath and resting to get better. The weather reverted to the usual cold and slowly unwinding spring we have come to expect from March, but the children were adamant they were playing football. I was just finishing up as the twilight began when they both came running into tell me there were bats.

Sure enough there they were. The male and the female. Swooping and twirling around the apple tree. Shooting down into the garden and quickly back up. After 5 minutes they made there way down the hill as normal.

Welcome back neighbours. We have missed you.

I Miss the Bats

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