Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Swoops after Solstice

Fictitious Entry. Never happened but I always wished it had.

Mid-summer passed over us while my head drooped lazily in the late evening air but the wonder of bats over water is finally mine. The garden residents are still coming out to play at night with an abundance of moths making easy meals. No sign of the young this year, I may have to be patient.

It was dry and blazing during the last day of spring, much to my displeasure. I would have enjoyed it but for the fact I had nine hours of work to complete during the hottest part of the day. As late afternoon merged with the early evening I sped home. We packed up the tents and headed down to the lake to try and find a cooler and tolerant air. The shade of the trees made a comfortable place to pitch and we started a fire to cook with. By 10pm the sun was still up and the children were playing on the dry grass.

The food was eaten and the beer crate became lighter. Children finally gave up being awake and curled up in sleeping bags promising to wake me up early for fathers day. The fire was stoked and those that remained promised to stay awake until the sun rose on midsummers day. Sitting down by the edge of the lake, I caught a ripple in the water out of the corner of my eye. Bats flew low over the water.

Sometimes their wings were so close to the surface they caused the surface to ripple. As the light faded it became more and more difficult to catch their movements as they chased and swirled sometimes turning in impossibly tight circles.

Best experience this year so far. I can close my eyes and still picture them.

The Bats are Back

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