Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Strange Sunset followed by Waning Moon

I have missed the bats these last few nights. They may have switched there feeding patterns, I don’t know. Maybe there is something in their nature that, makes them move at this time of year. The afternoon weather was a real mixture. I could make out the tops of half formed clouds drifting against a pure white haze. The sun was barely visible but where it broke through, the clouds seemed to be boiling around it.

I had sign language practice tonight and my son came out to see me off. As I was about to leave, he pointed out the sunset. It was dusky red and flattened as it neared the horizon. We stood a few minutes watching it descend until it dropped into a cloud bank out of site.

I drove in the twilight in my sunglasses tonight. It’s stupid but the car headlights seem less disturbing with them on. The sky transformed through yellows, oranges, reds and purples leaving a pinkish edge before the twilight finally drew in.

When I got to town, the street lights obliterated everything. Shadows lurked around in the back streets. A pretty girl walked past me looking straight ahead in a trance of nervousness and hurried on. We all become shadows at night; outlines against the darkness, independent of it but vague in our purpose. Instead people flocked to the familiarity of the pubs and bars with warm yellow lighting inside and warmth against the autumnal chill.

When I got home the sky was crystal clear. A waning moon had risen still shifting its track to the north. I followed the outside edge of the little bear to the pole star which seems slightly off line tonight. I need to check my chart to see if I’m looking at the right one.

After waiting another ten minutes there were no bats. I think I may have lost them until next year now. Tomorrow will see.

Bats in the Headlights and Shooting Star

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