Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Snow and Ghouls

It’s been a while since I posted here. The bats I have grown to know so well are now safely away from any harm for the winter.

The autumn took a sharp downwards turn this week. With the sortening days, the temperature had been creeping lower so slowly that the trees were quite content to hang onto the leaves as long as possible which proved to their detriment.

On Wednesday last week, we had nearly 4 inches of snow. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but when you are a tree with most of your leaves acting as a giant net, it can get quite heavy. After a night of heavy and fierce snow, we awoke to a strange and surreal winter wonderland. Roads were iced over beyond use. Flowers that had been enjoying the mild weather suddenly blackened and wilted and many of the ancient boughs were broken and scattered across roads around us.

It lasted only a day or two before the weather turned mild and the slow but steady thaw showed everything changed. Leaves were now falling thick and fast; clogging drains and dressing pathways in a golden but soggy layer. The night of Halloween there were still patches of ice in shadowy parts. The children’s snowman was still part standing so we placed the pumpkin on it’s shoulders. A new sentry stood that night against the gate smashers and egg throwers of years past.

There were no brave souls came knocking that night save a friend and three children. It was just too cold to be out beyond dark. Come the morning, the rain had started again and I managed a snapshot of our hndywork before the wilting figure let go it’s head and sent it rolling down the hill.

On the plus side, the snow left us a fine hoard of late apples, dislodged by the weight of ice and protected from bruising by the thin layer of white. Last night we baked 3 apple pies.

When the weather turned, I thought again of the bats. I still haven’t found their winter retreat. The noths were out again in the twilight last night, but I cannot imagine I will see the bats again before the spring.

Swoops after Solstice

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