Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Murky Twilight

The evening air was heavy with moisture. The temperature has been a bit strange for October with temperature reaching 20 centigrade on Sunday afternoon. Tonight, as the sun went down somewhere unknown ans unseen, a very fine drizzle skipped around on a light breeze.

One of the bats at least is still hunting and judging by the dead flies in the water barrel, I can understand why. There is a wealth of insect life in the area around the apple tree of all shapes and sizes making the best of this strange and foreign weather.

A report on the news this morning talked about the alarming number of foreign species making a new home on this island. Of particular interest was the Mediterranean biting funnel spider which has made it’s home from the ports in the south as far as the Midlands since 2006. The only spider that we have ever had to worry about in this country are black widows. Now there are 3 more that will bite if cornered.

Environmentalists are concerned about the impact these new species will have. I wonder about my bats. The world they live in is finely balanced at the moment. I know of bat illnesses in America and I wonder what the world will hold for them in several years.

For now, I will brush the damp from my hair and watch them feed, making the most of this late season. Who will know what tomorrow will bring.

Snow and Ghouls


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