Stories that fly under a dark banner.

ISS in the Twilight

Sunshine and hosepipes today. If the sun hadn’t stayed so low in the September sky it could have been an August weekend of distant memories.

The morning brought Starlings in the 20’s perching on every television antenna in the road. The bird song was wonderful. In the afternoon, we washed the car and the children ran around in swim suits screaming and giggling.

After a beautiful red dusky sunset twilight fell around 7.30pm and our friend the Bat made yet another unexpected appearance. I had given up looking after several days of absence and was on the phone to one of my brothers when he flew past the window at breakneck speed. He was so close that the light from the lamp lit his underside as he went by.

I took the phone outside and watched him looping and twirling flitting between the apple tree and the house. It’s the most stunning thing I have ever witnessed. ‘Will never tire of watching this creature in the evenings.

After he had gone and my brother said goodbye, I looked at the stars thinking that soon the weather will turn again and obscure them for the winter. As I glanced straight up above me I caught a momentary glimpse of a star-like object travelling across the sky. I cannot be sure as I haven’t checked the orbital times, but the only thing I can think of was the International Space Station.

Every night I watch the bats, (or bat singular now,) I see something new in the world. It is like the he is part of some great ballet in the darkness; a show that loops and swirls majestically; changing itself slightly every night.

I wonder what other magical things the bat will show me. Tomorrow brings the autumn equinox. The leaves are starting to turn golden browns and oranges. Horse chestnuts are falling now and the sunflowers are in full seed. Slowly we move into the new season. Soon mists will form in the vallies and the cold will force us to start heating the house again.

After the Passing of the North East Wind

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