Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Full Moon and Venus over Mackrell Sky

I didn’t get a chance to write last night. There were things to ready for the week that seemed to get in the way. Tonight was much the same. My evening class meant that the twilight passed without me. The sunset dived into the east in beautiful warm reds and oranges, merging with the thin wispy high clouds as it went. Another dry night descended.

I managed to step outside around 9.30 expecting their to be nothing but darkness stars and the distant lights of passenger jets flashing pointlessly as they flitted here and there. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The moon has shifted it’s track northwards over the last few days and emerged full tonight. Between us lay a massive bank of small thin high altitude clouds swimming across the sky like a shoal of fish. As the moonlight passed through them it diffused to reveal the night in silhouette beautiful and mysterious.

I scanned the apple tree for the bats again. Last night I only saw one of them. There is no way of telling if it was the male or the female It dived and swooped dangerously low to the ground, sometimes flying only a few inches above the grass. Cats prowled the fences, presumeably intruiged by the new world the moonlight opened up for them. I caught a late sparrow making a dash for a roost in the trees beyond the garden.

I am sad to say there were no bats tonight but they may have moved on somewhere else having found all they could around the apple tree. As I looked around in the night I was pleased to see Venus to the east south east and low on the horizon, (that doesn’t mean much up on the hill.)

I stood and listened a while to the sound of the rose trees gently rustling as they relaxed in the cool air. More crane flies again tonight but no more spiders.

I will check again tomorrow. Tonight glad to have seen the sky so wonderful. A fitting setting for the full moon.

Strange Sunset followed by Waning Moon


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