Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Fiery Trails in the West and Close Bat Encounters

I was so happy today. Both Mum and Dad bats have returned. The sky at dusk was an incredible orange and I walked up to the apple tree to watch it fade. The flight paths for the airport have been moved away south from us again and there were 20 or so trails snaking across the horizon.

As the sun went down behind the earth it illuminated the criss crossing lines as beautiful strokes of golden fire. I stood watching them for maybe ten minutes, wishing I’d brought the camera when suddenly I was not alone.

Because I hadn’t seen my friend the bat for a while, I had forgotten about them and stood directly under the tree to get a good look at the horizon. My first knowledge of their presence was a manic flapping noise in my right ear and they shot past me backlit by the fading light.

I nearly called out in joy. They ignored me and carried about their feeding. I stood perfectly still and they swooped around me once circling my head and then flying straight at my face turning just at the last minute.

It’s the closest I have ever been to them. My children were really jealous when I told them. I stayed watching for nearly 20 minutes until they headed off down into the valley towards the allotments to carry on their hunt.

I watched bats at twilight. Very very happy tonight. 🙂

A Spikey Friend


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