Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Distant Thunder in the Twilight

The afternoon was strange. Warm weather and still air with tall storms drifting northwards to the east and west of us. Rain fell lightly in the the sunshine and insects drifted lazily from flower to flower. As the early evening drew in the air became much cooler. I watched the sun set rapidly in the west with the children in a matter of minutes. It crawled out from beneath a cloud large and laden, sneaking behind a tree at the end.

We went to the apple tree to watch the bats but they didn’t come tonight. There were insects everywhere and I found it strange again. I put the children to bed and came back out to see if they were around.

The light was dropping but the moon was out in the east. Not quite full yet but bright and clear. As my eyes adjusted I started to see flashes to the south revealing the outlines of more tall clouds.

As the night crept towards us the thunder started to rumble in the distance. It was a strange and yet familiar, comforting sound. Like the sound of cows lowing far away or lions calling out in the darkness. Three storms passed us in the twilight each time passing east or west but never over. The sky flashed whites and yellows. Thunder murmured on by and still the bats did not show. Even in the moonlight I could see the air was teeming with moths and other winged insects.

I am hoping it was the storms. I will look for them again tonight. The weather has not been so good here and I worry about them with the young ones.

The Return of the Bats


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