Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Bats in the Rain

The weather has finally turned for the worse. Yesterday the rain came down heavy all day, filling the water barrel to overflow. Last night we had our first frost since March. It was brief and left the ground shortly after sunrise. The day was cold and changeable. One minute sunshine washed the world, the next wind stirred the leaves and fine drizzle danced around.

Twilight came at 6.30pm. I ventured out to catch some air before closing up house for the night and switching on the heating. Through the rain came the bats again. Every time I think I have seen the last of them until next year, they surprise me.

They flew up by the apple tree. Now they cover a much larger area searching up and down the hill in straight lines until they fix something in their sights, circle tightly and home in. I stood maybe ten minutes and watched them tonight, as much as I could stand in the autumn chill.

Murky Twilight

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