Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Bats in the Headlights and Shooting Star.

The last few days have been fraught with business and life worries. I finally got outside last night at nine in the evening. The moon was still below the horizon gradually moving it’s time of appearance into the late evening as each day goes by. Soon it will be half it’s size and will rise beyond the edge of the garden that is visible. As expected no bats last night.

But tonight held a surprise for all of us. We decided to get the grocery shopping out of the way before the weekend. This way we could walk into town tomorrow and not have to worry about carrying everything back. I picked my daughter up from her Friday evening club and we drove back towards home. It’s a short journey up the hill from the club and seeing as it was 8pm and everyone was hungry, we were travelling a little faster than normal.

As we passed the allotment, a small furry shape shot straight across in front of us in the headlights. I was so startled, I tapped on the breaks and the milk and eggs went onto the floor. A just price for speeding. After I recovered we all realised we had seen one of the bats. There is no way of knowing which, but it was just good to know they are still around the area.

I’m beginning to wonder if they have found the food levels dropping around the apple tree and have switched to the garden for better spoils. I don’t know when they will rest for the winter, but the temperature at night has started dropping sharply lately.

The afternoon had been as warm as any of the summer’s days we had this year. But from leaving the house at 6pm and returning at 8pm the temperature dropped by 6 degrees.

Every night there are more and more unwanted guests in the house and some of them are becoming rather persistent at returning. Last night a huge moth crept into the bathroom and after stunning itself on the light, spiralled down to land on the parts of me that I’d rather it didn’t.

Tonight we evicted a huge spider. It’s legs would easily have spanned my whole hand. it must have been a female so we took it down to the bughouse and threw it into the pine cones.

As we were coming back, I happened to look up towards Persius and saw a beautiful shooting star. I’ve made a wish which I’m not allowed to tell you but it was a great end to an otherwise frantic week.

Tomorrow brings more laid back escapades and perhaps my old friends the bats will return.

Until then.

ISS in the Twilight

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