Stories that fly under a dark banner.

After the Passing of the North East Wind

After three days of bitterly cold and sharp winds, cloudy skies and fine drizzle the sun boiled out into the afternoon today. The Aubergines are looking sadder and I think it is time to harvest them. Still I got to post a story in “I listen to the wind at night.”

With the fine weather came the last of the grass cutting for this year. Everything was moved to make sure we had a completely smooth cut. Tomorrow I will have to drag the clippings out of the pond before they start to rot.

Twilight was nearly settling as I returned home today from working. The insects were buzing here and there among the now wilting annuals in the garden and the compost heap is bulging with snails, slugs, wood lice and other more mysterious looking creatures.

After a quick evening meal, I went down to the apple tree for a last look at things. The weather report gives more eerily warm weather for the weekend but I have never put my faith in forecasts of any kind.

The Bat was back again. I don’t know what they do when the weather is bad but I imagine they just stay indoors. It didn’t have the same grace as I have seen in past nights this summer. There was more of an urgency about its motion, flitting here and there in rapid succession. It seemed to be covering the same points over and over again without the luxury of great loops around the tree.

Tomorrow i will look to see if there are any insets hatching around the tree. It has dropped a lot of apples lately all showing signs of violation by unknown insects. Do bats eat wasps?

For tonight the temperature is dropping again here in the northern hemisphere to a respectable 9 centigrade. We are still holding out on the heating until october. Time will tell. I wonder now how much longer the bat will venture out as the nights cool down.

I will look again if the nights and the twilight will let me.

Fiery Trails in the West and Close Bat Encounters

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