Stories that fly under a dark banner.

I Watched Bats at Twilight: Bat Diaries Introduction.

Photo credit: kahanaboy from

These diary entries were added from 2008 to 2009 on Experience Project. Originally they started off as diary experiences about evenings during the dry months where I live but soon turned into contemplative writings using the notion of the bats and twilight as a way to play with language and writing. I hope you enjoy them.

Twilight Changes Everything

Distant Thunder in the Twilight

The Return of the Bats

Full Moon and Venus over Mackrell Sky

Strange Sunset followed by Waning Moon

Bats in the Headlights and Shooting Star

ISS in the Twilight

After the Passing of the North East Wind

Fiery Trails in the West and Close Bat Encounters

A Spikey Friend

Bats in the Rain

Murky Twilight

Snow and Ghouls

Swoops after Solstice

The Bats are Back

I Miss the Bats

The stories were posted as part of the Experience Project and the trend “I Watch Bats at Twilight.” runs with 43 members who follow and post as a result of reading the diaries.


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