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Far out beyond the oceans, the beaches, the lowlands, villages, hills, mountains and the central plains where the tall grasses billow in the winds there is an unknown.

Any cartographer worth their salt will admit that where roads and trails and coastlines are traced meaningfully from generation to generation, within the interior all lines eventually become broken and dotted until there is nothing but a large vast…
…well nothing. When asking their elders about the space in the maps, they would be told simply that nobody has ever been there.

Extravagance, as seen in some of the royal maps, often adorned these lands with monsters and magic, and elaborate drawings of folk heroes slaying exotic beasts. Others, more practical for merchants and travellers, simply referred to the blank parts as, “La Zone Grise,” and in some cases, “Blanc.” This changed very little over the years. Those who entered the area…

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Sky Knowledge

Sky Knowledge

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This story is based on two dreams. One where I was trying to find the 6th vark and the other while exploring the Cabinet of Rodin. I have worked the two together into a theme that has been revolving in my head the last week. A little Edgar Allen Poe for those who know him. Feedback welcome.

I think the Institute’s contract to discover the 6th Vark’s identity first revealed we were no longer in love with each other. The exact moment, 10.32 in the morning on the third day. We were in the House of Lineage in Strasbourg. As I was examining the 5th Icon for clues I remember she passed me; reaching out across the room. I reached out too, hoping to brush her fingertips, but as she passed we simply gathered the air between us and my hand returned to adjust the magnifying glass I was using.

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From the Archives… Written in 2011.


Picture your home. The objects around you. When you first arrive at the place you live they are placed around you in locations that feel comfortable. As time passes you start to notice they are more comfortable elsewhere. Objects are moved around without us really being conscious of their movement. They move to where they are more convenient or useful. They move to where we find them more pleasing.

Our relations with the objects in our houses are close. Our desires give them a life, purpose, a quest for harmony. Less useful and unpleasant objects are placed in less prominent places, sometimes banished to drawers and cupboards or at worst disposed of and discarded. We judge ourselves on our ability to manage and control our objects and our objects compete against each other for dominance within the environment. There is a certain symbiosis.

This was all explained to me by Alice Milner over coffee…

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I’ll stay with you until I am dead.


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Shakespeare’s Monkeys.

Shakespeare's MonkeyShakespeare’s Monkeys Stories for March.

This month I have decided to submit a story to a group called Shakespeare’s Monkeys. The idea is that we all write stories anonymously and people vote for their favourites. The story with the most votes is selected to be published in a book at the end of the year. This month’s brief was “a case of mistaken identity.” To read the stories click here. Or you can click the icon at the top of the article.

I’ve already voted this month. There are four stories to choose from. I hope you enjoy. To find out a little about the writers you can click here.

The universe has more stars tonight. Nameless stars shining in the sky revolving slowly around each other. Let the flowers bloom in the night.


The Wise Mouse and the Sad King.


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spinning man

Its Become evident that the site needs upgrading in terms of navigation, so while I think hard about how its going to look, please find links to all the poem images I have produced. Each link contains a link back to this page to help you navigate easier.

ode to fustat

uncertain moon

air and the the water

the only question

dream within a dream

Between the shadow and the soul

Here in the pit


Moon of Barduk

SignalThe following Images were produced to accompany a short story called The Signal of the Second Spring. You can read the full story HERE or click on the images to view them all.

The Universe

The Sun

The Air

The Earth

An Idea

The Book

The City

An Army

A King


Here in the Pit.

here in the pit

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The Signal of the Second Spring PDF

spinning man
Click here to download the full PDF version with poem panels.

Soft is the whisper of the cooling universe…