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spinning man

Its Become evident that the site needs upgrading in terms of navigation, so while I think hard about how its going to look, please find links to all the poem images I have produced. Each link contains a link back to this page to help you navigate easier.

ode to fustat

uncertain moon

air and the the water

the only question

dream within a dream

Between the shadow and the soul

Here in the pit


Moon of Barduk

SignalThe following Images were produced to accompany a short story called The Signal of the Second Spring. You can read the full story HERE or click on the images to view them all.

The Universe

The Sun

The Air

The Earth

An Idea

The Book

The City

An Army

A King


Ode to Fustat.

ode to fustat

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Dream Within a Dream

dream within a dream

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The Moon of Babylon

Moon of Babylon

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