Stories that fly under a dark banner.



Night Snakes

Night Snakes

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The Days Beyond the Fall.

Days beyond

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In need of some feedback here. I have two versions of difference. The first used a very cartoon-like thought bubble. The more I looked at it over the course of the day and the photographs I used, the more I felt I hadn’t done justice to the brick. So I produced a more formal image. Feedback and let me know which one you prefer.

Difference II

leaf on the wind

See other images stacked in the cupboard in Poetry Jars

Enter the Realm of the Dark Banner…


Rolling Cage.

Come wallow thee in the misery of this cage of woe, for tonight I drink the Russian Malady. Tomorrow’s Sun will cast a shadow on the clarity of sadness and raise the ghost of literary regret.
cage of woe

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And all my Life would be Thirst and Longing for What I had Lost before I found It.


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No Rest for You.

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Mending Moments

mending moments

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The Mirror on Your Back.

Shh! Turn around…

spinning man

The poems buzz and rattle in the wires, so much I’ve had to encase them in images to quiet them and hold them still. Now they stand in jars stacked neatly in the gallery. Open them and take a sniff, dip your finger and taste them if you dare. But when you are done, make sure you replace the lid. They will spill and stain if you leave them open.

ode to fustat

uncertain moon

air and the the water

the only question

dream within a dream

Between the shadow and the soul

Here in the pit


Moon of Barduk

retreat of winter


truth and symmetry

pale horizon

A perfect flaw


the beach

Sky Knowledge

Doubting the Dawn

tick of the night watch

Words of Sand

music makers




SignalThe following Images were produced to accompany a short story called The Signal of the Second Spring. You can read the full story HERE or click on the images to view them all.

The Universe

The Sun

The Air

The Earth

An Idea

The Book

The City

An Army

A King




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