Stories that fly under a dark banner.

The Quick and the Dead.



Artist Kaya Mar walking with painting in Westminster.

Once two Coptic monks sat in the desert.
One said to the other, “In order to understand others better, we should understand why they argue.”
The other said, “Perhaps we should have an argument.”
“I agree.” said the First.
“That is my rock.” said the Second pointing to a rock at their feet.
“Ok. You can have it.” Said the First.
“But I don’t want it.” Said the Second.
“Ok. I will have it.” Said the First.
“But it is mine.” Said the Second.
“Ok. Let us leave it where it is.” Said the First.
After a silence, the two Monks returned to their monastery, still unable to understand why people argue with each other.

Only the living can argue. The dead are as satisfied as they will ever be.


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