Stories that fly under a dark banner.



This story was written for “One Point Three” a compilation on Rednetic Recordings. You can visit the site here to find out more: Rednetic Recordings: One Point Three

At the end of the story you will find the Signal Panels that were developed as the inspiration for the story.

The Signal of the Second Spring.

Anitya sat on the bridge, watching carp play with the seeds she dropped with her tiny hands. At four years old, she had the grace of a dancer seen all too long ago, perhaps imagined. The seeds left her hands in graceful loops that traced patterns across the air between bridge and water. She sat, as always, with her hair draped across her left shoulder. When she saw Mother enter the garden, she quickly adjusted it, placing it neatly above her head. She rose and smiled at Mother then giggled slightly as something fell and…

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