Stories that fly under a dark banner.


Far out beyond the oceans, the beaches, the lowlands, villages, hills, mountains and the central plains where the tall grasses billow in the winds there is an unknown.

Any cartographer worth their salt will admit that where roads and trails and coastlines are traced meaningfully from generation to generation, within the interior all lines eventually become broken and dotted until there is nothing but a large vast…
…well nothing. When asking their elders about the space in the maps, they would be told simply that nobody has ever been there.

Extravagance, as seen in some of the royal maps, often adorned these lands with monsters and magic, and elaborate drawings of folk heroes slaying exotic beasts. Others, more practical for merchants and travellers, simply referred to the blank parts as, “La Zone Grise,” and in some cases, “Blanc.” This changed very little over the years. Those who entered the area…

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