Stories that fly under a dark banner.


This story is based on two dreams. One where I was trying to find the 6th vark and the other while exploring the Cabinet of Rodin. I have worked the two together into a theme that has been revolving in my head the last week. A little Edgar Allen Poe for those who know him. Feedback welcome.

I think the Institute’s contract to discover the 6th Vark’s identity first revealed we were no longer in love with each other. The exact moment, 10.32 in the morning on the third day. We were in the House of Lineage in Strasbourg. As I was examining the 5th Icon for clues I remember she passed me; reaching out across the room. I reached out too, hoping to brush her fingertips, but as she passed we simply gathered the air between us and my hand returned to adjust the magnifying glass I was using.

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