Stories that fly under a dark banner.

Short Stories List.

This post is now out of date.
To view the new interactive story library, please visit Short Stories.

spinning man

Thanks for the feedback on the site all. It’s really useful. Seeing as there are now so many of them, I’ve decided to add a new side bar menu to enable you to instantly access the short stories. Below are live links and summaries of the stories to help you choose one of interest. I hope this makes the pages easier to navigate and allows you to quickly find something interesting. Let one thousand flowers bloom. Let the stars fall upon the beaches. Soft is the whisper. Soft are the words…

The final words of Deck hand Isaacs.

What would it be like if reality broke down around you?

A desperate journey in a harsh landscape.

Transformation of a young man into… well something else.

A final journey to salvage love unfulfilled.

Chilling effort to rescue a loved one.

If you watch for long enough, you to will see the world differently.

Description of a place not far from here.

Here be monsters…

Victorian detective story with a twist.

Historical struggle of two brothers.

Dark children’s story.

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